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Dave Ryan is a pop artist from Seattle, WA. He paints on vinyl records and old thrift-store paintings using stencils cut from record sleeves, spray-paint, and acrylic paint.

Dave has a shop on the third floor of the historic Pike Place Market and has displayed his art in numerous venues including coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and galleries from Seattle to New York City. He has vended at festivals and events throughout the country. He has participated in the 30 Day Art Challenge, and CoCA’s 24 Hour Art Marathon.

1501 Pike Pl Ste 317, Seattle, WA 98101


A twenty four year old queer photographer originally from Portland, Oregon. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, watching anime, overcoming depression, and being involved in the street fashion and dance scene have all been the main influences of my work. Often it being described as "organic, moody, and honest" are words I welcome to my art. 

I strive to capture genuine emotion as well as a balance of serenity and somberness. Mainly shooting street photography and people, I follow my art wherever it takes me.


leonardo lanzolla

Leonardo Lanzolla, a self taught artist from Torino, Italy, has made his home in the Northwest since the 1980s. Lanzolla finds a wide influence; from Miro', to Basquiat, to urban graffiti and cave paintings. His work is spontaneously fresh, original, and intuitive. Practicing art through direct, unpretentious experimentation, Lanzolla displays a keenness for the influential qualities of nature, human life and the senses.

His timeless, colorful original works are in private collections around the globe. You can also find Leonardo most weeks at Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA.




Eric Todd creates art influenced by society that pushes boundaries on what we find comfortable; yet we cannot look away. His work can be described as Iconoclastic, Sacrilegious, and Psychedelic. It's filled with Dead Icons, Santa Muerte and Pop Surrealism. It is Duchampian, Burroughsian, Warholian, Irreverent, Odd, and Sculptural.

Studio Visits by appointment 206-854-8175




Starheadboy is a northwest based artist. His focuses include vivid, bold line work painted canvases, storytelling through comic work, printmaking, and street art. He is constantly exploring his imagination and expanding the scope of expression into other mediums.




Kim Eckroth, potter

Kim Eckroth of Covet & Ginger loves clay. A material so vital to our human existence that it has been important cross-culturally. Kim loves working with something ancestral, with a medium so seemingly unchanged throughout centuries of use. In a romantic sense, Kim appreciates clay as a contact to the past.

In her work, Kim relies heavily on neutral glazes to highlight the natural beauty and texture of unglazed clay. Since clay comes in a variety of colors and textures, she tends to rely more heavily on its natural beauty than with a created palette.

Kim lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her husky-dog, Birna. She is a firm supporter in the nonprofit Potters for Peace.


hand knitted by carol

Carol Goldman originally hails from Minnesota and moved to the Seattle area shortly after college.  Drawn to the natural beauty and vibrant culture of the Pacific Northwest, she has called the Emerald City home for over 20 years.

Many of the color palette choices for her fiber art creations are inspired by her favorite sports teams and Seattle's natural beauty. She uses the lime green of the Seattle Seahawks, the rich blues of the Seattle Sounders, and the deep greens of Washington's evergreen forests.  Her knitted items are made from the naturally antibacterial fibers of Merino wool and Alpaca.  


bryon stewart

Bryon Stewart is a primarily self-taught artist, who has been drawing and creating for over 30 years. Bryon’s only formal training took place at Vashon Island High School: a close-knit, artistic community where creativity was highly valued, and the natural beauty and creative instructors provided a great incubator for his artistic vision.

Bryon combines natural themes and portraiture to create stunning, soulful imagery. His bold contrast of light and dark captures the eye and draws the viewer in. Bryon's portraits are especially compelling. Tinged with mystery, they keep the viewer guessing about the lives and thoughts of his subjects.




Chirag Vedullapalli is a 15 year old Freshman at Mount Si High School. He creates vibrant art; focusing mainly on oil and acrylic on canvas. Chirag is also a social entrepreneur and advocate through his art proceeds. He has donated over $20,000 from these sales to charities including Seattle Children’s Hospital and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Chirag is also the founder of Creative Children for Charity (3C) whose mission is to empower 1 million kids and teens to donate their time and talent for charitable and social causes. He has spoken at TEDxRedmond, and SAM KID 2014. Thus far, Chirag has organized over 25 events in various communities and brought thousands of kids and teens to contribute their time and talent to various charities in the Pacific Northwest.



Jackie loves art and self expression, using experimental mediums to tell stories, she captures colors and releases them during gray days. Constantly sketching in classes, she graduated in 2014 from The Evergreen State College with a BA focusing on film and art. She creates visual music paintings reflecting sounds and poetry. Her style is described as transcendental, abstract expressionist, and emotive. She has shown works throughout the PNW and has exhibited her 16mm experimental animations at shows in Olympia and Seattle. From inks, watercolors, gouache, acrylics, and much more—Jackie is fond of using multiple mediums in her work. She has led talks and workshops on painting on 16mm at The Evergreen State College.




Nikita Ares

Nikita Ares was born in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines in 1996. At the age of 17 she moved to Seattle, Washington where she attended Cornish College of the Arts and developed her artistic practice.

Her work consists primarily of drawings and paintings inspired by intimate moments. She is fascinated by the movements and energy humans possess. She creates her work by imitating those expressions and gestures.


Aramis O Hamer

Aramis O. Hamer is a visual artist and muralist living in Seattle, WA. Her subject matter is inspired by the cosmos, music, nature, divine femininity, and the complexities throughout the Black culture. From a very young age she always loved to create, but at the age of fifteen she discovered her love for acrylic paints. With the supportive art community in the Pacific Northwest, Aramis has been able to exhibit her colorful creations at many different exhibitions in the greater Seattle area- including the EMP Museum, Paramount Theater, Martyr Sauce Gallery, Columbia City Gallery, and more. Aramis created the iconic purple goddess in 2016 for KEXP radio station at Seattle Center which became a catalyst to her art career. You can find many of her designs all over the city including Jimi Hendrix Park. As a self-taught artist, Aramis lets the pull of her imagination be her guide. Her adventure is just beginning, and she invites others to join her on this journey. Learn more about Aramis’ work at www.aohamer.com



Grace Anderson is an artist based in Portland, OR with over a decade of professional experience in portraiture, illustration & design. Her work has been published in magazines, commissioned by private portraiture clients, and produced and distributed by international decor outlets. These pieces are inspired by Grace's family history in the Pacific Northwest, juxtaposed with a celebration of the current experience of life in the PNW.



I was raised in the the vibrant communities of Seattle and found much of my inspiration coming from it's multicultural scenes and welcoming neighborhood programs. When tough times arose, these communities and their events helped me keep my head up. I aspire to create a path for healing and emotional freedom and empowerment using the gentle strength of art. A painting can open your eyes where once we may have been blind to so many moments. 

In most of my work I use many different mediums, such as rich inks, acrylics, and pastels, but my first love and constant friend is oil. I invite you to open your mind, open your inner wisdom and come with me to a world where you are free to Imagine, free to be different, And free to experience  emotion in moving poems without words."


Sam Split

Sam Split is primarily a film photographer who has found interest in social media as an artistic medium. The artist has made a statement for this collection of work.

"I’m trying to navigate the world through social media and finding a balance between real life and the internet. My art has always been heavily influenced by my own experiences and my constant need to look back and critique who I am.

These small paintings are inspired by nature and the weight of nostalgia. Former projects I’ve worked on have been very tangible works of art where as this is very temporary for the hopes that once I wipe off the image I can let go of the idea that anything in this life is concrete."


Vincent Keele

Vincent Keele’s works are motivated by discovery and learning. He chooses to retell history, revitalize special people and places that may have been misplaced, and highlight forgotten facts. He arranges these elements in an exciting and profound way to connect deeply with the audience. Keele breathes new life and new narratives into the world through his paintings.

Keele uses different techniques and elements to achieve his artistic vision by employing styles that bring him joy. He draws inspiration from impressionism to give a sense of familiarity, employs realism to bring the characters to life and to build the bond with viewer, and uses dramatic colors and cubism to invite and delight the viewer.


Melissa Koch

Melissa Koch spent her formative years on the island of Cyprus surrounded by a luscious Mediterranean landscape. Her love of the natural world and its innate beauty and adaptability has found diverse expression in her art.

Her concern for human environmental impact has lead Melissa to use art as a vehicle for environmental sustainability awareness. She has worked extensively on public art commissions throughout Seattle including works for The City of Seattle Office Of Arts and Culture, Seattle Parks Department and and UW Medical Center.

Melissa has also more privately exhibited her work in galleries such as the COCA Center on Contemporary Art, Museo gallery, Rob Schouten Gallery, and WICA. Melissa is currently represented by the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) rental/sale gallery.



ST Rivera

ST Rivera is a self-taught ink artist, born and raised in the Bronx, NY. Her artistic style is best described as circlism, due to the thousands of meticulously placed circles in her drawings. She is often inspired by vivid dreams as well as patterns found in the natural physical world.

Since 2014, Rivera has exhibited in numerous art walks, pop-up markets, and galleries in the Seattle area, as well as across the country. 


Andre Pixley

Andre Pixley is a multi-disciplinary artist from Newport News, Virginia. He is one-part of the bi-yearly print magazine, FTD Magazine. He is a self-taught photographer who strives to build a platform for artists who haven't taken a typical artistic path.

Andre never pursued art through schooling or formal training, however a small interest in doodling and clothing has sprouted into a rigorous creative lifestyle. He continues develop his artistic practice and plans to release the second edition of FTD magazine in January 2019.




Jac is a self-taught, Seattle based multi-media artist. They launched their brand, Jac of Some Trades, in the spring of 2018 in an effort to share their art and their artistic learning process with others. Jac has taught themselves screen-printing, embroidering, wood whittling, and minimalist furniture building.

Jac hopes to share their knowledge of screen printing and power tool safety with other in order to empower other creatives who would otherwise be intimated or excluded from such knowledge.  



Chelsea Rodino

Chelsea Rodino generates provocative pieces utilizing a boundless range of materials and emotions. Her work explores ideas surrounding human connection, memory, self, movement, time, and the unconventional.

Although Chelsea is continually in the midst of learning and unlearning, she finds the process of creating to be where the most fruitful notions grow. She moves through this process without a clear plan -- just the intent to be as present and honest as possible.



Jessica Keener is a professional photographer specializing in portraits, events, weddings, and food. She is available for photo sessions documenting your Seattle visit as well!

This collection is a blend of photographs from Jessica's personal travels and local explorations. From grand scenes of nature, to intimate urban locales, Jessica find beauty, elegance, and playfulness in everyday life.


Lana Blinderman

Lana Blinderman is a documentary photographer, mixed media artist & graphic designer. Her photography explores built environments and how they affect our memories, attitudes and life trajectories.

Lana engages in “urban wandering” and tells visual stories through photography and digital collage, sharing her love of place and inviting others to advocate for places they love.

Lana Blinderman, Places We Keep:
Early Apartment Buildings on Capitol Hill
Places We Keep documents a number of notable early- to mid- century apartments on Seattle’s Capitol Hill with a goal of preserving on film and paper the diversity of the neighborhood’s architecture. Most of these buildings still stand, but others have been razed amidst Seattle’s
demolition & construction boom, sometimes mere weeks or months after I photographed them.




Jac is a self-taught, Seattle based multi-media artist. They launched their brand, Jac of Some Trades, in the spring of 2018 in an effort to share their art and their artistic learning process with others. Jac has taught themselves screen-printing, embroidering, wood whittling, and minimalist furniture building.

Jac hopes to share their knowledge of screen printing and power tool safety with other in order to empower other creatives who would otherwise be intimated or excluded from such knowledge.  



Melissa johnson

Melissa Johnson, the hand embroidery artist behind MCreativeJ, was born and raised in Washington state where her mother instilled the love of crafting in her from an early age.

After years in communications, Melissa wanted to get back to making physical works of art, playing with colors, and creating texture. She combines the traditional handcraft of embroidery with modern designs that emphasize bright colors and unique patterns. Melissa uses imagery from the desert, plants, and pop culture to create whimsical contemporary needlework.


Micaela Bartunek

Micaela Bartunek is a Seattle-based Cornish College alumna who currently works as a visual designer for Microsoft, Mixed Reality team. She's very active in the Seattle arts community with current membership at the Specialist Gallery and the Summer School Collective, and she has previously worked with Seattle Met, The Seattle Art Museum, Gage Academy of Art, and others.

Micaela generates work demonstrating the relationship between aestheticism and functionality. She attempts to reconcile the practices of both art and design by actively working in the grey area between them in order to understand their distinctions and compliments. This work is an extension of her senior thesis, Deconstruction Reconstruction, which explores the line between design and art.


Carol R Williams

Born in Topeka, Kansas, Carol is an only child. Soon after birth she moved to Frankfurt Germany. At 11 she and her mother settled in Tacoma, WA. She graduated from Mount Tahoma High School, and went to the Evergreen State College. Carol had her first group exhibit at the Seattle Central Community College Gallery in 1990.

Carol is an award winning artist and has paintings in collections at the city of Seattle and many NW Homes. Carol deeply believes in the power of art to build community, bridge community relationships and create authentic space for healing.


Kathreen Absuelo

Kathreen Kaye Rodrigo Absuelo was born in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines and spent her early years there. After moving to Seattle, her interest in doodling flourished into an eternal devotion to painting. She was strongly influenced by her first exhibition as part of the monthly First Thursday art walk at the 619 Western Building in Pioneer Square. In this space she came to know art and community. She continues to surround herself with inspiring individuals.

Kathreen’s curiosity is ignited by design, architecture, sustainability and technology. This combination allows her to produce a wide range of work in a wide variety of media.


liz ruest

Liz Ruest is a Canadian artist who’s been living in the Seattle area since 1989. She grew up in rural Ontario, came here for the tech sector, and stayed for the weather, mountains, and water. Moving west, and across the border, was a subtle, but significant change, and renewing her love of art helped her explore the concept of finding home, wherever we are.

Layers of printmaking, photography, and collage build a story of journeys and safe havens, of places we've been or still wish to visit. 

Courtesy Lynn Hanson Gallery


Carolyn Hitt

Carolyn Hitt is a prolific abstract expressionist and the founder of Blue Cone Studios— an incubator for talent across disciplines. In 2018 she released The Relevant Unknowns, an artist yearbook and community guide containing over 500 local artists/creators/innovators. 

Her commitment to community building takes many forms including hosting weekly teas open to the public that center emerging and marginalized young creatives. Her exhibition, 1,000,000 AD, was featured in Shunpike’s Storefronts series in 2019.  

Her art explores balance, time, love, and relationships with strong archaeological and architectural influences. 


ellen hochberg

Ellen Hochberg grew up in the suburbs of New York and Chicago but has made her home in the Northwest since the 1980’s. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Southern Illinois University. After working as a designer and animator for many years, she returned to school and received her Master of Arts degree in Painting from New York University in 2008. Her work has been exhibited throughout Seattle and in galleries in New York, Venice and Stockholm. 


karin bolstad

Karin Bolstad’s background includes a degree in illustration and design, and her work utilizes, and is inspired by, the techniques of Traditional Icon Writing and Byzantine Artwork. 

With her paintings she explores the themes of Female empowerment, beauty, and the Divine Feminine. Her artwork is created with either acrylic paint or more recently egg tempera, and mixed media.

Her life and studio are currently located on a long, skinny island in the Puget Sound. 


Nancy Coleman

Nancy Coleman strives to reinvent art. Her technique of Painted Text Weaving was first actualized as a 25 foot outdoor mural for Georgetown in 2014. Coleman’s text weavings evoke a right-brained visceral reaction to language, typically considered to be left-brained focused.

For decades Coleman managed her design firm in San Francisco/ Silicon Valley, always reinventing communications to stay ahead. She was partner in a fine art photo gallery in Half Moon Bay, a founding photographer at a teaching studio in Loas Gatos, and Chair of the Palo Alto Public Art Commission.

Coleman’s works are in the collections of the of the cities of Seattle, Palo Alto and Seatac. Her art is on display at Harborview Medical Center where she taught art for years. Her works can additionally be viewed and purchased at Fogue Studios & Gallery, Seattle. 


Tiffany-Ashton Gatsby

Tiffany-Ashton Gatsby is an emerging artist currently living in West Seattle. They began their artistic journey over a decade ago when diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, but has only been exploring painting since 2017. Her work is heavily influenced by her time living in the Bay Area and the Pacific Northwest.

As an artist and activist, Tiffany-Ashton focuses on representing issues faced by the queer-disabled community, socioeconomic disparities, urban sprawl, political dissonance, and climate change through abstraction. Recently, they have been using found materials alongside wire and lighting to demonstrate the juxtaposition between nature and industry. They are a Pride Foundation Scholar, currently working on completing their undergraduate studies in both Visual Art and Medical Anthropology at the University of Washington. Tiffany-Ashton is active in the disabled and LGBTQ communities, volunteering for several organizations including the National MS Society and Seattle Dyke March.


Ryan Milles

LRDS planters are the creative brainchild of graphic designer Ryan Milles. Light Razor Designs are beautiful functional art pieces for home decor and interior living/work space design.

Milles designs and creates an assortment of laser cut/ engraved/ scored wall hanging, chain hanging, or tabletop planters from wood and acrylic. These are intended for tillandsia (air plants), succulents, and cacti. Display your living plants as wall hanging art pieces!

You can find Ryan most weeks at the Fremont Sunday Market in Seattle.


hannah herman

Hannah is an Interior Designer, Home Stager, Artist and Color Consultant. She views rooms as art that you move through and live in - everyday.

Eco-design and permaculture play a large role in her design life, as does a small obsession with shipping container building, and a large obsession with the tiny house movement.

Hannah’s visual artwork is influenced by Matisse, Georgia O’Keefe, her grandfather, and the relationship nature has with the built environment.


Amaranta Sandys

Amaranta Sandys is a graduate from the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes in Mexico City, Mexico. A local artisan, Sandys produced and sold her works before moving to Seattle in 2000.

Sandys’ inspiration stems from her Mexican heritage and the tradition of Dia de los Muertos. Sandy’s style has evolved to include a wide variety of mixed media including maps, watercolor, clay and printmaking. A a Latinx woman living in the US, her recent work is influenced by Social and Racial Justice, Immigration, Global Environment, Freedom of Religion and gender identity. 

Amaranta Sandys is an artist and educator best known for her work on youth in under served schools and communities in King County.


erika rimmer

Erika Rimmer is a self-taught Seattle-based visual artist known for her work with fluid acrylic paint. Her abstract paintings are inspired by forms and motions found in nature. For her work she uses “paint-pouring” techniques that are difficult to control and result in unpredictable patterns, reflecting the chaos and randomness inherent in the structure of the universe on a macro and micro level. She graduated from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle and works as a freelance graphic designer when she isn’t painting.


Shakera LaShon

Shakera is a paint throwing, Kush blowing abstract artist from Anchorage Alaska, currently creating in Seattle. Painting has always been a part of Shakera, in the summer of 2018 she started to take her art seriously after recognizing the healing properties of art therapy.

In managing her anxiety and depression she has since learned how to work closely with her emotions to create bright colorful abstract works. The colors represented in her work align with actual emotions at the time of creation. The creation and appreciation of art has helped LaShon to better cope with the many adversities in her life.

Shakera also shares these themes in her spoken word art. 


She's Maybe / Tonya Dean

Maybe is Tonya Dean, born in Buffalo, NY. Struggling to make peace with the weather, art scene, and static desk jobs, she moved to Seattle, WA to start over. 

Maybe has developed their style by creating themes from different areas of study that explode into abstract psychedelic pieces. Maybe draws inspiration from a broad background of dance, music, science, pop culture, hobbies, and the strangeness of daily life. 



Zoee Xiao

Zoee is a watercolor painter, currently based in Bellevue, WA.
Art and nature have always been an important part of her life. She grew up in a beautiful town in Southern China and, at a young age trained under a Chinese traditional painter.

Her memories of misty yet sometimes sunny scenes of her hometown resonate with life in the pacific northwest. This conscious/ subconscious link moved her to incorporate East Asian ink wash style into her work as well as into western watercolor painting techniques. When she paints, she likes to focus on capturing light and mood; Xiao is also very drawn to vibrant colors in nature, and is fascinated by the different color palette and personality each season has. As both a software engineer and an artist, she understands how art’s therapeutic power can help the hyper busy with their daily stress and coping with life’s obstacles.


Samantha Feld

Samantha is an designer, illustrator and activist, with a love for type and a firm belief in the power of getting your hands dirty. I spend my days designing for good at Brink Communications in Portland, Oregon, and my weekends in the great outdoors.



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